Waltz in tone from the petals by pump
December 7th, 2018, 2:39 am
Wondering SisleyOriginal fresh taste, creative use of the green tomato leaves and wild herbs, the smell is more primitive nature.4.Attraction Lolita LempickaOriental fresh flowers and licorice notes with unconventional combination, such as the fairy-tale brings the temptation of forbidden fruit. Taste so sweet, so natural, fresh, people cannot help but pick up the pace, to find that beautiful orchard. breeze brings the fragrance of orchards, the harvest season is a bar.
Waltz in tone from the petals, Amazon water lily, osmanthus, bringing full of feminine, fresh flowers, beautiful chord lingering sense of Hosta flowers in transparent mist, the bright, light, freedom and happiness. Fresh fruit notes from the harmonic harmonious distribution, small orange, pear, strawberry, cherry, red apple, plum, pineapple, fruit cocktail smell was sweet open.Easy-going and free Tommy Tommy Girl This is cool in summer fragrance, inspired by the United States easily enjoyable summer, BlackBerry E RP, sweet orange peel, and moisturized freesia and delicate rose, as if into the arms of the sun, breathe the sea summer fruit air, enjoy the skin is sun kiss the girl. Mix the re-integration into the lemon water mint, fresh herbs and taste, like a glass of fresh sweet fruit juice, wake up one day vitality. So now, let’s take a look at the perfume for the summer.. Moderate China berry, pink pepper and juicy apple flowers, and fresh notes of flowers and fruits. Qinru heart and spleen of breath, full of fresh magic, this is the essence of honey from Provence, this sweet fruit flavor. Fennel, ivy, violet and black licorice flower coumaric modulated harmony, when the cherry, vanilla and pralines sweet flavor experience wonderful flowers, a love of slowly released into the atmosphere of love.In women’s wardrobe, perfume is one of the indispensible accessories.3.

.5. The fashion companies will release new perfume for their customers.Sweet dreams Estee LauderSweet and fresh flowers, such as girls pink romantic dream.Feeling the summer season BiothermNatural fruit factor, let them cool all summer.8. 1.Green tea Elizabeth ArdenVibrant red, orange, sweet orange juice and bring a lively full of energy. Fragrance blend of sweet fruits and intoxicating flowers, sparkling grapefruit, blackcurrant and sunshine over the apricots, and graceful lily of the valley and rose petals meet, surrounded by glorious jasmine group, it is Heart Truth's moment finally arrived in the apple flavor.9.10. Fruit cocktail au curacao LancomeA fresh, natural pure perfume.2. Sweet orange, pink, grape, citrus leaf.. asmine, camellias, honeysuckle, a perfect continuation of the notes of the flowers and gives off a rich sugar snap peas, cherry blossom and pink peony, and a great people indulging in the soft, sweet dreams of.Freshly green Lacoste Touch of SpringFresh dripping green Qinru heart and spleen, as in the days of spring proudly swinging posture of the willow, fragrant..
These trigger sprayer Manufacturers new perfume will introduce to their customers by the accompaniment of a saturation marketing and advertising campaign.Sweet smell Yves RocherGarden fresh peaches unforgettable charming, bite, mouthful sweet.Forthright and sincere DKNY Be Delicious Fresh BlossomApple flowers bloom season with wonderful potential but irresistible taste. Followed by the iris, sandalwood, musk, amber, jasmine, cedar and aquatic plants brought Lily-spoken, dynamic and optimistic happiness. Together with jasmine, lily of the valley, geranium, lily flowers, plum fruit flavors, it is reminding us of scenes exposure to a hillside covered with wild flowers, wild fruits, green, mellow, but also very comfortable. Enjoy the smell of bamboo, green tea, water lilies in mosaic and the Kyoto Mulan tune lingering nature, such as green tea exudes endless as exciting atmosphere.